So TAN Guidance Isn’t Legally Binding…Now What?

November 15, 2018By aferrisBlog

By Sarah Vaile, Research Attorney, Farm Commons  The Technical Assistance Network , otherwise known as “TAN,” are the people over at FDA whose job it is to help you understand the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). But, what if I tell you that the guidance TAN offers is not legally-binding? You may be surprised, but it’s … Read More

FSMA Readiness: Physical and Chemical Risks

October 25, 2018By aferrisBlog

Farming inevitably presents produce safety risks, but increased knowledge and action can help farmers reduce liabilities and maintain successful operations. Previous blogs in this series explained the biological risks that can occur due to bacterial growth or other pathogens, but because food safety hazards can take a variety of forms, it is necessary to include … Read More

FSMA Readiness: Produce Safety Risks from Parasites

October 16, 2018By aferrisBlog

After discussion of bacteria and viruses we’ll be wrapping up the types of biological hazards that the FSMA Produce Safety Rule covers today. The third type of pathogen that the Produce Safety Rule aims to reduce is parasites. Parasites are protozoa or intestinal worms that can only multiply in a host animal or human. To … Read More

FSMA Readiness: Produce Safety Risks from Viruses

October 9, 2018By aferrisBlog

When it comes to produce safety, much of the risk is caused by things a grower could never see with the naked eye. Last week we talked about the risks bacteria pose to produce and strategies to reduce the risks associated with them. This week we’re moving on to another hard to see and common … Read More

FSMA Readiness: Produce Safety Risks from Bacteria

October 2, 2018By aferrisBlog

As we mentioned last week, produce safety risks can come in many different forms on a farm. Farmers must be aware of these risks and work hard to minimize them. With knowledge, education, and action, a farmer can take easy steps to reduce risk on their operation. This week, we will discuss one of the … Read More

FSMA Readiness: What are Produce Safety Risks?

September 26, 2018By aferrisBlog

Regardless of a farm’s size or scale, food safety is a priority on every operation. All farmers have an obligation to provide the safest product possible, and while many may think their current practices are sufficient in preventing foodborne illness, there is always new information or research being done. The recent Food Safety Modernization Act … Read More